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KINOSONIK by R. Sendra

Who I am

I'm Ramon Sendra. Sound engineer for live sound (FOH), mixing at studio and tech producer at studio and for live shows. Kinosonik is my own mixing studio.

What I do

For over 20 years, I have been a sound engineer for bands, groups and songwriters. I take responsibility that what sounds good to turn in record productions with direct impacts and sensations. I mix and doin' production techniques with the new open studio. I bring my experience to gigs for all types of productions.

MIX OnLine

Now you can access my services without leaving home, at very Competitive and professional results. More information here.


An approach to my work


Outlining all details

As FOH engineer

The operation and monitoring of all technical aspects of a gig or tour. Road-service management, stage management, and so on. Jobs of production for both bands on tour as festivals.

During recordings

Kinosonik is not a recording studio, so you can take advantage of the extensive network of quality studios that are all over the country. But it is able to provide technical advice in pre-production recordings: recoding engineering, microphone, tips, etc.. Even for a stable and strong enough base for a great job mixing our studio.

Live sound

When music is more than a simple sound

The ability to play more than just sounds, well the attitude, feelings, energy ... And to achieve this, we need educated and exemplary synergy between the bands and the technical team, so the need for a pre-production technique and critical consensus. The aim is to export all the essence of the scene to the public, with the experience you get with over 20 years of experience.

Kinosonik Studio

Feeling sounds

Kinosonik now has a true next generation digital studio that focuses its creative side with the enforcement of the mixs. Based on the standard Avid Professional contains an Icon D-Control hardware with ProTools HD|11 software. But the important thing is the ability to cook musical possibilities to deal with all respect to the recorded sounds to fortify the sea of ​​sensations that the authors want to explain. More than a standard of quality, space is creativity.

Comercial works

Kinosonik is also available to those who need a mix of dedicated work in the commercial market: commercials, documentaries, etc. The studio has a system for listening in multichannel/stereo.


Easy to find me.


C/ Illes Medes
08521 Bellavista (BCN)
(Call before)
Tlf. +34 650 901 134
Office at Barcelona: C/ Diputació 30, 1-1a.


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La Colònia

The new project of Xavier Ciurans and Albert Galceran. Since the beginning of the journey, happy with my collaboration both live and in production, recording and mixing their first job.

The EP was recorded in rehearsal with the band on a SC-48 and Pro Tools. Then it was edited and mixed in the old Kinosonik studio with very basic tools in the search for a very natural sound.


Txala wanted me to mix his latest work, 'El Brot' and seen the results, bring them in concert PA. Studies Entrepins (Tarragona), we wanted to get that sound, with precise detail for different types of txalapartas (iron, wood and stone), without damaging the rest of the sounds of the instruments; modernizing the traditional look for a rock punctured avoiding misplaced.


Years working as a sound technician in all its aspects, has allowed me to offer a precise production, also in different scenarios. For example, I've been in technical producer and councilor to the scene of the Festes Decennals de Valls 2011, technical producer at Kesse Festival of Tarragona, among others.

Road management

A step beyond the production has been road-management jobs, or support artists and bands during their tours. Hand in hand with MediaDavid I had the opportunity to tour Spain and Europe with groups like Living Colour or Theraphy?

With this service, I strengthened all parties, providing application solutions and forward me the common problems of the sector, to achieve a change of rapid and effective response to the work. The results are noticeable.

The Tragic Company

TTC, The Tragic Company, is a punk rock Andalusian. They trust me mixing distance from their latest EP. The recording was done by them in Estepona and sent me the tracks in the studio.

Marky Ramone

The 2007, 2008, 2013 and 2014 accompanied Marky Ramone on his international tour in memory of the legendary punk band The Ramones. With him traveled throughout Europe, Asia and Africa in various renowned festivals and formats.

In 2008 participates in the production and recording of "Un mundo mejor", a new version of the famous "Wonderful World," recorded and mixed at Musiclan studios (Girona).

The Coup

2014 begins touring with Californian band The Coup (Oakland), going with them around Europe. MediaDavid hands of the producer. During June 2014 we do the first tour in Spain, Basque Country, Catalonia, France, Hungary, Austria and Italy. Perform the jobs tour manager, road manager, and sound design for live.

Mule Artistic

In 2012 borns Mule Productions, a production company that focuses on the marriage between pictorial art and visual spectacle. So, with the help of Pi Piquer, prolific artist painting, Mule definitely produces the 'Bottom Paint v2', a show where it joins masterfully painting (in real time), performing stage, sound and light . Kinosonik is responsible for the production technique, sound mix and performing live as technically sound and lights. The show is presented at the Teatro Victoria Eugenia at the Donostia Festival dFeria Basque city with a fabulous success.

Roger Mas

Since the presentation of his work "Mística Domèstica", I was the sound engineer of this prolific songwriter, in their live concerts and work in the studio. With him and his band, has produced the rest of his work and other collaborations including 'Les Cançons tel·lúriques', 'La casa d'enlloc' and the more recent work, "Roger Mas i la Cobla Sant Jordi - Ciutat de Barcelona', recorded live; has collected many awards.