Who I am

RSendraOver 20 years I am or I try to be a sound technician ago, basically live and technical production. I am working in different companies offering my technical services or offer myself as a FOH technician for bands and other productions. I have also worked as technical manager or any establishment of the production department, especially technical. You'll see me involved in all processes that shape any audiovisual production, but especially in the audio field. For years I'm touring with Marky Ramone as FOH engineer around the world and have worked for other national and international artists.

Also I have a technical literary vein, almost weekly participating in the drafting of an article at Hispasonic.


Click and you will know wome of my works.

  • Sound FOH: Marky Ramone, Stefano Palatchi & Original Jazz Orquestra, Eva Fernández & Original Jazz Orquestra, Santi Arisa i Dan & Original Jazz Orquestra, Buhos, Jair Domínguez, Ocumé.
  • Touring: Marky Ramone: Europe, Russia, India, Indonesia, Australia, New Zealand.
  • Shows & gigs (assist or PA): Giulla Valle, Disco Infierno, Jamiroquai, Prodigy, Pet Shop Boys, Jain, Morat, Aires del Montseny. Audio design @ La Pedrera video mapping Festes de la Mercè 2017, Amics de les Arts @ Tívoli.
  • Studio: Live recording at Luz de Gas the live show of Anthus with Avid S3L-X. Live streaming sound tech director at Pitchfork Stage @ Primavera Sound 2017. Live recording at Pintor Rock 2017.
  • Sound engineer for festivals: Primavera Sound 2017 (stage Backstage, Avid S6L, L'Acoustics). Live recording @ Primavera Sound Pitchfork Stage (client: RedBull TV). Festival Cruïlla (Main Stage Avid S6L). Pintor Rock 2017 (Avid Profile FOH assist) and Live Recording.
  • Production: at Festival Trapezi.
  • Sound engineer at TST.
  • Sound engineer at Sclat.
  • Sound engineer at BTM Sound.
  • Sound engineer at So Art Prat.
  • Sound engineer at Du-Show.
  • Sound engineer (operator) at Events & Technology.
  • Sound engineer & CEO at Kinosonik.
  • Sound engineer at MicsBCN.
  • Sound FOH: Marky Ramone, Roger Conesa, Original Jazz Orquestra & BigMama.
  • Touring: Marky Ramone: Europe, Asia, Central America.
  • Shows & gigs: InCrescendo, Bebe, Antonio Jesús, Espectacle Swing! al Palau de la Música amb OJO, Blaumut, The Gramophone Orchestra, Manel, Arcángel, Jim Beam Conference (Palo Alto), Beth Rodergas.
  • Studio: Recording at Kinosonik some tracks for Gertrudis, new audio track for new Aunthus videoclip.
  • Sound engineer for festivals: Cruïlla (BCN), Festival Jazz & Food de Barcelona, Moritz 160 anys Fest., Fira del Teatre al Carrer (Viladecans), Festival Venezuela (Poble Espanyol), Festival PAS (Martorell).
  • Production: at Festival Trapezi.
  • Sound engineer at TST.
  • Sound engineer (operator) at Events & Technology.
  • Sound engineer at Rock&Classics.
  • Sound engineer at Tour Serveis.
  • Sound engineer at dbLumen.
  • Sound engineer at So Art Prat.
  • Sound FOH: Marky Ramone, La Colònia, The Coup (California, USA), Original Jazz Orquestra, Lausana, Xavier Ciurans, Ocumé, Vanesa Martín, musical 'Dins del bosc'.
  • Touring: The Coup (California, USA), Marky Ramone.
  • Sound engineer for festivals: Primavera Sound, FiM Vilasseca, Festes de la Mercè (BCN), Festival Esperanzah, Festa Major Autònoma (Bellaterra).
  • Shows & gigs: Espectacle Swing! al Palau de la Música amb OJO, OJO i Martirio, Acte Cloende Tricentenari (Valls), Festa 25 anys Batall Produccions, Aunthus, Obeses, Izah, Xoel, Chambao, La Gloria de mi madre, Bongo Botrako, Sirex, InCrescendo.
  • Production: Sabina at Tarraco Arena (Tarragona); producer at Festival Trapezi, Pablo Alborán at Tarraco Arena (Tarragona), Yann Tiersen a Camp de Mart (TGN).
  • Sound engineer at TST.
  • Sound engineer at Tour Serveis.
  • Sound engineer at dbLumen.
  • Sound engineer at So JC.
  • Sound FOH: Marky Ramone, Ocumé, La Colònia, Mule Artistic, Roger Mas, Búhos, BigMama, All i Oli, Banda Puig, James Band, Ragga Tunning, Batter.
  • Touring: BigMama, Marky Ramone.
  • Shows & gigs: Txarango, Ols Star Covers, Espectacle Swing! al Palau de la Música amb OJO, Se Atormenta una Vecina, Lexus, Xeic!, Pepet i Marieta, Banda Puig, Tapeo Sound System, Els Catarres.
  • Sound engineer at Romà PRO.
  • Sound engineer at Fokum.
  • Sound engineer at So JC.
  • Sound FOH: Roger Mas. Miqui Puig i l'Original Jazz Orquestra, BigMama, Las Migas, La Colònia, Quico Pi de la Serra, Ocumé.
  • Touring: Miqui Puig BOUM Tour, BigMama & OJO, La Colònia, BoTTom Paint (Pi Piquer), Therapy?.
  • Studio: recording and producing 'Roger Mas i la Cobla Sant Jordi' per Roger Mas, "Capítol 1" de La Colònia.
  • Live recording: "Roger Mas i la Cobla Sant Jordi" live recording for Televisión Española.
  • Shows & gigs: Mohombi, Strombers, Txarango, Volcán, Serebro, LMFAO, Séptimo A, Belle Epoque.
  • Production: Camp de Mar (Tarragona) Ballet de St. Petersburg.
  • Sound engineer at Fokum.
  • Sound FOH: Ocumé, Quico Pi de la Serra, Roger Mas, Marky Ramone, Abús, Txala, The Tragic Company (TTC).
  • Touring: Sangtraït, Isabel Pantoja, Living Colour, Marky Ramone.
  • Studio: recording and producing 'Les Cançons Tel·lúriques' de Roger Mas; "Laura" de Lluís Llach versionada per Roger Mas. 'El Brot' de Txala. Recording and producing 'A la casa d'enlloc' de Roger Mas.
  • Live recording: Miqui Puig (monitor engineer).
  • Sound engineer for festivals: Kesse Festival (Tarragona). Festival Candela (Valls 2011), Carpa Gran.
  • Sound head and tech at El Campanar de Canovelles.
  • Sound engineer at So JC.
  • Sound engineer at Factoria Sonora.
  • Sound engineer at Multisoms.
  • Sound tech at Televisió de Catalunya (TV3).

What I Do

Basically live sound for concerts/gigs, adjusting equipment, leading production teams, recording live or at my studio: KINOSONIK.

I have a AVID Venue S3L-X (32 ch) system that do my concerts and with which I can record on ProTools up to 64 channels in real time. In addition, the system is for rent for those who want it. Ask me prices.


Know what material I bring in gigs and tours at no extra cost.

Main consoleAvid S3L-X (32 ch up to 64 ch)
PluguinsAll included with system plus Avid Pro Compressor, Pro Limiter, Pro Multiband Dynamics, Pro Subharmonic. All included at Sonnox | Oxforf Live Bundle.
DPA MicsDPA 4099 - Rock Touring Pack with 4 DPA d:Vote 4099
Audix Mics(1) D6, (3) i5, (2) MicroHP, (2) Audix D4, (4) OM6, (3) ADX51, (2) SCX25A, (1) CX112B
SoftwarePro Tools 12 with all Avid plugins.
FOH Mon Speakers(2) Genelec 1030A, (3) Genelec 8030A, (1) Genelec 7050B


The Live Mixing Workshop is open to all technicians and musicians who want to improve their live mixings. From the technical and theoretical knowledge that we all know, we will implement during a day (6-8 h) between a single participant and myself, using as a real live mix and professional equipment.

The workshop is held in the Kinosonik studios, with an AVID S3L-X and a single participant.



Visit my Youtube channel and enjoy the videos about gigs, tour and some tutorials.